Poterie DOUBLET is above all a clay manufacturer :

The artisanale manufacture then the export of  clay blends for ceramists, individuals and associations. All these clay blends are manufactured on the site, the manufacturing process remains artisanal and several qualities are proposed : Earthenware, stoneware, raku

New clay range for crucible

In 2008, following a collaboration with the manager of l’atelier du creuset réfractaire, Mr. Frognet, we developed a new clay range  (for melting pots, melting pots doors, rings, …) which will be used in the field of glassworks and  crystalleries . 

Our products are now exported worldwide (England, Germany, Sweden, Italy and the United states of America).

Entreposage des différentes argiles avant sa fabrication.

Raw clay storage warehouse.

mélange d'argiles humides en sortie de cuve.

Clay after mixing in the tank.

Filtre presse pour l'argile, extraction de l'eau.

Filter press to extract water from the mixture.

Pain d'argile obtenu après mélange et extraction.

Clay mixing loaf.

Our know-how as a clay artisan manufacturer.

Artisan clay manufacturer and exporter in Dordogne and  Internationally.

Poterie Doublet is first and foremost a company that manufactures and exports clay on an international scale to professionals and individuals for glassworks, crystal factories and potters.

It is also a family and traditional company, specialized since 1978 in the art of pottery to offer you authentic stoneware objects or  dishes. With a great know-how and the passion of the earth, our objets et our  dishes  are entirely hand made in order to rediscover an art anchored in our civilization…

Table art

Tasse à café avec sous coupe réalisée en argile.

Garden pottery

Poterie de jardin, hauteur 37cm, réalisée en terre cuite.

Culinary pottery

Diable charentais réalisée par la Poterie Doublet.

Some of our references

We work in collaboration with these companies, as close as possible to their requests, we provide them with the  clays  necessary for their production.

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