Rights, jurisdiction and duties of the coastal State in the exclusive economic zone, Article 57. Establishment of regional centres, Article 277. Prijs vergelijk ADSL, kabel, glasvezel aanbieders en bespaar geld door over te stappen! So break the ice and brace yourselves with all the right gears and types of equipment as you take on the rugged shoreline and azure waters of Jamaica’s most iconic beaches. Measures to avoid or eliminate delays or other difficulties of a technical nature in traffic in transit, Article 131. Prompt release of vessels and crews, Article 295. Montego Bay, city, northwestern Jamaica, about 85 miles (140 km) northwest of Kingston.It lies on the site of a Taino village visited by Christopher Columbus in 1494. The Economic Planning Commission, Article 165. SECTION 1. Monetary penalties and the observance of recognized rights of the accused, Article 231. Non-discrimination with respect to foreign vessels, Article 228. Suspension and restrictions on institution of proceedings, Article 229. Duty to comply with certain conditions, Article 250. Es wurde am 10. General criteria and guidelines, Article 253. Right to lay submarine cables and pipelines, Article 113. Unauthorized broadcasting from the high seas, Article 112. United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea. Dezember 1982 Von der Bundesversammlung genehmigt am 19. Exhaustion of local remedies, Article 296. Invalidity of claims of sovereignty over the high seas, Article 93. Article 2. LIMITATIONS AND EXCEPTIONS TO APPLICABILITY OF SECTION 2, Article 297. Ideal für Familien, Gruppen, Paare. Nature and fundamental principles of the Authority, Article 159. Pollution from land-based sources, Article 208. Article 1. Submarines and other underwater vehicles, Article 21. Amendments to the provisions of this Convention relating exclusively to activities in the Area * Article 315. Exercise of powers of enforcement, Article 225. Measures relating to seaworthiness of vessels to avoid pollution, Article 220. United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea CONTENTS Page PREAMBLE ..... 21 PART I. GENERAL PROVISIONS. Immunities of warships and other government ships operated for non-commercial purposes, Article 34. La « Convention de Montego Bay » ou Convention des Nations Unies sur le Droit de la Mer (UNCLOS), adopté en 1982, régit le droit de la mer (code de la route maritime). Its original Spanish name, Bahía de Manteca (“Butter Bay”), probably recalls its early function as a lard (“hog’s butter”) centre. CONVENTION SUR LE DROIT DE LA MER Signée à Montego Bay (Jamaïque) le 10 décembre 1982 Les États Parties à la Convention, Animés du désir de régler, dans un esprit de compréhension et de coopération mutuelles, tous les problèmes concernant le droit de la mer et conscients de la ... Convention. Establishment of national centres, Article 276. cdg2. Das Seerechtsübereinkommen der Vereinten Nationen (SRÜ; englisch United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, UNCLOS) ist ein internationales Abkommen des Seevölkerrechts, das alle Nutzungsarten der Meere regeln soll. Definition of piracy ... 35 Article 102. Illicit traffic in narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances, Article 109. Composition, procedure and voting, Article 164. Artificial islands, installations and structures on the continental shelf, Article 81. Basis for the resolution of conflicts regarding the attribution of rights and jurisdiction in the exclusive economic zone, Article 60. Duties of States bordering straits, Article 48. Submarine cables and pipelines on the continental shelf, Article 80. TERRITORIAL SEA AND CONTIGUOUS ZONE SECTION 1. Rec. Participation and appearance of sponsoring States Parties in proceedings, Article 193. vol. INTRODUCTION . Meer vacatures | Enforcement with respect to pollution from or through the atmosphere, Article 223. 2008 (RO 2009 3207). Article 101. La convention des Nations Unies sur le droit de la mer, signée à Montego Bay (Jamaïque) le 10 décembre 1982, par son texte de trois cent vingt articles, ses neuf annexes et un acte final, s'efforce de formuler les principes en vigueur (dans une certaine mesure naissants) du droit de la mer moderne. GENERAL PROVISIONS . Piracy by a warship, government ship or government aircraft whose crew has mutinied, Article 103. Immunity of warships on the high seas, Article 96. Ships and aircraft which are entitled to seize on account of piracy, Article 108. Place of adoption Montego Bay Depository UN United Nations Language Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, Spanish Entry into force Nov 16, 1994 Subject Le présent article ne concerne que les baies dont un seul État est riverain. Legal status of the territorial sea, of the air space over the territorial sea and of its bed and subsoil; SECTION 2. Duties of ships and aircraft during their passage, research and survey activities, duties of the archipelagic State and laws and regulations of the archipelagic State relating to archipelagic sea lanes passage, Article 55. The centre was built as a response to a growing need for meeting and convention facilities on the Island of Jamaica. DEVELOPMENT OF RESOURCES OF THE AREA, Article 150. Legal status of archipelagic waters, of the air space over archipelagic waters and of their bed and subsoil, Article 50. Montego Bay Convention Centre is located in a welcoming area of Montego Bay known for its array of dining options and golfing. Annual budget of the Authority, Article 174. Coastal States exercise sovereignty over their territorial sea which they have the right to establish its breadth up to a limit not to exceed 12 nautical miles; foreign vessels are allowed "innocent passage" through those waters; Ships and aircraft of all countries are allowed "transit passage" through straits used for international navigation; States bordering the straits can regulate navigational and other aspects of passage; Archipelagic States, made up of a group or groups of closely related islands and interconnecting waters, have sovereignty over a sea area enclosed by straight lines drawn between the outermost points of the islands; the waters between the islands are declared archipelagic waters where States may establish sea lanes and air routes in which all other States enjoy the right of archipelagic passage through such designated sea lanes; Coastal States have sovereign rights in a 200-nautical mile exclusive economic zone (EEZ) with respect to natural resources and certain economic activities, and exercise jurisdiction over marine science research and environmental protection; All other States have freedom of navigation and overflight in the EEZ, as well as freedom to lay submarine cables and pipelines; Land-locked and geographically disadvantaged States have the right to participate on an equitable basis in exploitation of an appropriate part of the surplus of the living resources of the EEZ's of coastal States of the same region or sub-region; highly migratory species of fish and marine mammals are accorded special protection; Coastal States have sovereign rights over the continental shelf (the national area of the seabed) for exploring and exploiting it; the shelf can extend at least 200 nautical miles from the shore, and more under specified circumstances; Coastal States share with the international community part of the revenue derived from exploiting resources from any part of their shelf beyond 200 miles; The Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf shall make recommendations to States on the shelf's outer boundaries when it extends beyond 200 miles; All States enjoy the traditional freedoms of navigation, overflight, scientific research and fishing on the high seas; they are obliged to adopt, or cooperate with other States in adopting, measures to manage and conserve living resources; The limits of the territorial sea, the exclusive economic zone and continental shelf of islands are determined in accordance with rules applicable to land territory, but rocks which could not sustain human habitation or economic life of their own would have no economic zone or continental shelf; States bordering enclosed or semi-enclosed seas are expected to cooperate in managing living resources, environmental and research policies and activities; Land-locked States have the right of access to and from the sea and enjoy freedom of transit through the territory of transit States; States are bound to prevent and control marine pollution and are liable for damage caused by violation of their international obligations to combat such pollution; All marine scientific research in the EEZ and on the continental shelf is subject to the consent of the coastal State, but in most cases they are obliged to grant consent to other States when the research is to be conducted for peaceful purposes and fulfils specified criteria; States are bound to promote the development and transfer of marine technology "on fair and reasonable terms and conditions", with proper regard for all legitimate interests; States Parties are obliged to settle by peaceful means their disputes concerning the interpretation or application of the Convention; Disputes can be submitted to the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea established under the Convention, to the International Court of Justice, or to arbitration. Studies, research programmes and exchange of information and data, Article 201. (paragraph 5.1) H5 The right of hot pursuit (Article 111 of the Convention of Montego Bay and Article 23 of the Geneva Convention on the High Seas) and the related principle of ‘constructive presence’ were not applicable in this case because the pursuit did not begin within the Italian territorial waters. Seizure of a pirate ship or aircraft, Article 106. This marked the culmination of more than 14 years of work involving participation by more than 150 countries representing all regions of the world, all legal and political systems and the spectrum of socio/economic development. UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, Montego Bay, December 10, 1982, art. SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH INSTALLATIONS OR EQUIPMENT IN THE MARINE ENVIRONMENT, Article 261. Publication and dissemination of information and knowledge, SECTION 3. High seas routes or routes through exclusive economic zones through straits used for international navigation, Article 39. Xem qua các ví dụ về bản dịch Convention des Nations unies sur le droit de … Plaats vacature, Verdrag van de Verenigde Naties inzake het recht van de zee, Verdrag van de Verenigde Naties inzake het recht van de zee, Montego-Bay, 10-12-1982, United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, Article 2. Ratifikationsurkunde, in Kraft. Co-operation on a global or regional basis, Article 198. CONVENTION DES NATIONS UNIES SUR LE DROIT DE LA MER. INTRODUCTION . Article 2. Optional exceptions to applicability of section 2 1. 7. CO-OPERATION AMONG INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS, Article 278. Pollution from sea-bed activities subject to national jurisdiction, Article 209. The Convention was opened for signature on 10 December 1982 in Montego Bay, Jamaica. UNITED NATIONS CONVENTION ON THE LAW OF THE SEA. Artificial islands, installations and structures in the exclusive economic zone, Article 61. Procedure where no settlement has been reached by the parties, Article 282. Institution of civil proceedings, Article 230. Finality and binding force of decisions, SECTION 3. (Montego Bay, 10 December 1982) PREAMBLE . Ways and means of international co-operation, Article 271. Promotion of international co-operation, Article 243. SECTION 1. Archaeological and historical objects, SECTION 3. Breaking or injury of a submarine cable or pipeline, Article 114. Duty not to transfer damage or hazards or transform one type of pollution into another, Article 196. Measures to prevent, reduce and control pollution of the marine environment, Article 195. The Montego Bay Convention Centre was constructed by the UDC through the China National Complete Plant Import Export Corporation (COMPLANT), to enhance the country’s competitiveness in the meetings and conventions market. Immunity from search and any form of seizure, Article 180. Preferential treatment for developing States, SECTION 4. Liability of States arising from enforcement measures, Article 233. Enforcement with respect to pollution from sea-bed activities, Article 215. On 29 April 1958, as recorded in the Final Act (A/CONF.13/L.58, 1958, UNCLOS, Off. Ratification and formal confirmation, Article 311. Reservation of the high seas for peaceful purposes, Article 89. Definition of piracy; Article 102. Measurement of the breadth of the territorial sea, the contiguous zone, the exclusive economic zone and the continental shelf, Article 49. Delimitation of internal waters, Article 51. Conservation of the living resources of the high seas, Article 123. INTRODUCTION ..... 22 Article 1. Marine scientific research projects undertaken by or under the auspices of international organizations, Article 248. SECTION 1. Right of geographically disadvantaged States, Article 71. 1. COMPULSORY PROCEDURES ENTAILING BINDING DECISIONS, Article 286. Criminal jurisdiction on board a foreign ship, Article 28. Good faith and abuse of rights, Article 303. Identification markings and warning signals, Article 263. The support of the European Commission is gratefully acknowledged. Prohibition of the transport of slaves, Article 100. Some of the key features of the Convention are the following: This presentation was taken from the Division for Ocean Affairs and the Law of the Sea of the UN Website, You can find more information, and the convention in other languages, on: http://www.un.org/depts/los/, An official website of the European Union, Environment, Climate Change and Green Economy, united_nations_convention_on_the_law_of_the_sea_-_1982.pdf, European Central Bank|European Court of Auditors, Call 00 800 6 7 8 9 10 11. Archives and official communications of the Authority, Article 182. la convention de montego bay EN 50 L E ço N s the montego bay convention i N 50 LE sso N s la convention de montego bay EN 50 L E ço N s the montego bay convention i N 50 LE sso N s Connaître le droit de la mer Le transport maritime est le bras armé du commerce international. UNCLOS (United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea) is the Law of the Sea convention of the United Nations (Montego Bay, 1982) and is a key convention at international level for the current regulations concerning the activities at sea. Charts and lists of geographical co-ordinates, Article 86. SECTION 2. Find 599 Montego Bay in Jamaica. Snorkeling in Montego Bay is in itself a phenomenal activity, and the fun of this elating ocean adventure even escalates higher when you are in the company of your better half. Convention des Nations Unies sur le droit de la mer. Die UN-Seerechtskonferenz dauerte von 1973 bis 1982 und war die drit… Legal status of the Area and its resources, Article 138. Even at that time, the United States refused to sign the treaty . 101, 1833 UNTS 397. Montego Bay is home to 369 hotels and other accommodations, so you can find something that's perfect for your stay. Research and survey activities, Article 41. Legal status of the territorial sea, of the air space over the territorial sea and of its bed and subsoil + SECTION 2. 2. Flexible - Working harmoniously with other organizations involved in marketing and promoting the City of Montego Bay and the country of Jamaica at large, and making the Montego Bay Convention Centre the preferred destination of choice. Nestled on the northwestern coast of the holiday island nation of Jamaica, is the city of Montego Bay. Founding texts and authorities United Nations convention on the law of the sea 1956 – 1958: first conference Im Jahr 2011 hatte die Stadt 110.115 Einwohner. Piracy by a warship, government ship or government aircraft whose crew has mutinied ... Annexes to the Convention. Piracy by a warship, government ship or government aircraft » La Convention des Nations Unies sur le Droit de la mer (CNUDM / United Nations Convention on the Law Of the Sea / UNCLOS), signée à Montego Bay (Jamaïque) le 10 décembre 1982, est entrée en vigueur le 16 novembre 1994, après ratification ou adhésion de 60 États (il y avait 157 États signataires de la Convention en 2014). GENERAL PROVISIONS. Article 2. Breaking or injury by owners of a submarine cable or pipeline of another submarine cable or pipeline, Article 115. 1833, 1834 and 1835, I-31363.] This article relates only to bays the coasts of which belong to a single State. Legal status of waters forming straits used for international navigation, Article 36. Functions of regional centres, SECTION 4. INNOCENT PASSAGE IN THE TERRITORIAL SEA, Article 20. Note: The Convention was adopted by the Third United Nations Conference on the Law of the Sea and opened for signature, together with the Final Act of the Conference, at Montego Bay, Jamaica, on 10 December 1982. MONTEGO BAY, 10 DÉCEMBRE 1982 [Nations Unies, Recueil des Traités, vol. Abgeschlossen in Montego Bay am 10. ∗ ∗ Dalhousie Law School, Halifax, N.S. Measures to avoid pollution arising from maritime casualties, Article 222. Promotion of the development and transfer of marine technology, Article 267. General conduct of States in relation to the Area, Article 139.